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FREE Case Evaluation

Free Bankruptcy Case Evaluation

Clark & Washington welcomes the opportunity to serve you. Bolstered by a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we have built our firm upon the foundation of helping those in need of financial direction in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We go the extra mile to guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Nashville bankruptcy can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming, especially when you have so many other things to worry about. That is why Clark & Washington wants to make the Nashville bankruptcy process as easy as possible. This begins with a free case evaluation. From here, we can determine the appropriate direction for your Nashville bankruptcy filing, whether it is Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or no action at all.

Make your first move toward a brighter future by requesting a free case evaluation from Clark & Washington.

Step 1 - Complete our new client intake form - either online or in print.

• Online new client questionnaire  
Questionnaire you can download  (when finished, please print out and bring with you, or fax it to us at 770-220-0685)

Step 2 - Call our office at 615-831-7003 to schedule an appointment.

Step 3 - Get your Credit Counseling certificate

Here is what you need to bring with you to your appointment:

• Copies of pay stubs for the past 7 months.  If you are married we will need both spouses’ pay stubs, regardless of whether you are filing individually or jointly with your spouse.

• Your tax returns for the past three years.
• If you have already received your credit counseling certificate bring it. Otherwise, you can complete your required credit counseling here. 


Make your first move by requesting a free Clark & Washington case evaluation, or call our Nashville  bankruptcy office with questions at 615.831.7003.


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